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We are the world's first purpose-built public art gallery.
Did you know?
We are licenced for wedding ceremonies in the Gallery. Get married amongst the old masters!

Who's In & Who's Out


Debate about the present-day complexities that arise in considering the outsider artist's work and their often over-shadowing life story.

Anna Sexton, Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 Communities Curator in conversation with Beth Elliot, Bethlem Gallery Director.

What is Outsider Art?

‘Outsider Art’ follows from the term ‘Art Brut’ coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet in the 1940s. Translating as ‘raw art’, ‘Art Brut’ was used to describe a type of art outside the academic tradition of fine art. ‘Outsider Art’ has since become a term used to define work made by untrained artists who produce work for the sake of creation alone, without an audience in mind, and who are perceived to inhabit the margins of mainstream society. 

Followed by short artist's talk with Artmongers.

Part of A Healthy Debate Symposia Series: three panel discussions around art and mental health to coincide with 'Art and Life'. The series is part of Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014

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Part of Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014