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Watch Dulwich’s intergenerational dance project come to life

Over the past three years, Dulwich Picture Gallery has worked with Rambert, a National Company for Contemporary Art, hosting a series of short dance residencies for community groups. Now, not only can you can see the projects come to life with a film exploring participant journeys, but you can enjoy the final performance of   'Synchronised', Dulwich’s 2013 project. This was the first time Dulwich had engaged long-term with the dance school, crossing generations, art forms and spaces alike.   

Follow participants on their journeys through technically challenging sessions that echo the practice of professional contemporary dancers… 

… to their transformation into confident dancers, exceling beyond their own expectations.

Michelle Weiner, Community Engagement Manager at Dulwich, said:

“We know art has the power to change lives, but these films show how Community Engagement Programmes at Dulwich challenge people of all ages to think differently about the Arts and its ability to break down barriers and perceptions which older and younger generations have about each other.”