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Peek through the windows of 'Keepers Cottage' next time you visit...

Inspired by the similarities between the work of Hitchcock and Ravilious, young people aged 11-18 have written, recorded and edited two short films to showcase their new film-making and digital-imaging skills which they learned over the course of a week’s residency at the Gallery. Responding to Ravilious’s interiors, and adopting Hitchcock’s techniques of varied angles, stop-frame animation and time-laps, they worked with Salmagundi Films to create suspenseful, Hitchcock-esque horror shots.

The action takes place not only inside the museum, but also in the grounds and at the Keepers’ Cottage. Even the red phone box makes an important appearance at the beginning of one film!

So, next time you visit us take a walk to the cottage located just behind the Gallery where you’ll find two peepholes in the cottage windows. Have a peek and see what you find…

The Summer Arts Academy is part of The Creatives, Dulwich Picture Gallery's Youth Engagement Programme. Find out more here

The artists…
Gavin Bowyer, Birame Cisse, Lily Linke, Gabriela Jones Lafuente, Eve Semper, Jaiziah McClean, Cym Henry, Tarika Burke, Anita Kamara, Maie Walker, Eleanor Scott and Rebecca Kent.

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How to get to Keepers Cottage

If you enter the Gallery from the main entrance on College Road, turn left just after you enter the site and follow the path round to the back of the Gallery where you’ll find the cottage.

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