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'Photographing Jølster' display now on at the Nordic Bakery

Oddleiv Apneseth _web Image

That photo… it’s enough to make you book the next ticket to Norway… It was taken by award winning photographer Oddleiv Apneseth who travelled to Astrup’s home district of Jølster in Western Norway to capture the magical landscapes that inspired Astrup. In fact the photo above was taken in the exact same spot as Astrup’s print Moon in May which captures two people in their vegetable patch at night, planting seedlings by the light of a full moon over the lake. Oddleiv waited until exactly the right moment to take the photograph.

A small display of these photographs is now on at the apt Nordic Bakery in central London (see map below), a peaceful Scandinavian café known for its coffee, dark rye bread, and cinnamon buns…In an interview for the bakery’s blog, Dulwich’s Sackler Director Ian Dejardin (and co-curator of the show) said “We knew that we couldn’t transport people to Jolster to experience the scenery at first hand so we decided to do the next best thing – to show them photographs of Joster as it is today. So we commissioned Oddleiv Apneseth to capture images that would enable people to get a sense of what the place really looks like in order to make the exhibition complete.”

Visit the Nordic Bakery blog to read the full interview