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Primary Schools

All visits, sessions and workshops for schools are free. 

We support students to:

- Deepen knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art

- Explore ideas and generate dialogue around artworks

- Experiment and take creative risks

- Use the heritage, building and collection as a resource for cross-curricular learning

- Make personal connections with the collection and their own lives

Choose a creative workshop for one of our upcoming temporary exhibitions:

Inspired by: David Milne: Modern Painting

‘David Milne: Modern Painting’ Canadian painter (1882 – 1953) will document an artistic career that spanned the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition will follow Milne’s artistic development as he moved from the depiction of frantic city life New York to the war-torn landscapes of northern France and back again to the woods, fields and skies of the northeastern US and Canada. It will document the change in Milne’s approach as he moved from the Post-Impressionist style of his New York years, with its vivid colours and dynamic brushstrokes, to the more distilled visual language of his later work influenced by intense creative time spent living in isolation in a hut in the wilderness.

KS1 - 2

The session will focus on drawing, taking inspiration from Milne’s nature work. Children will explore the artist’s use of shape, form, pattern and colour, making links to Milne’s artistic influences such as Matisse and Cézanne.

Curriculum links: Art & Design

Dates: Available Wednesday and Thursdays. Please do let us know if these days are not suitable as there is some flexibility with advance notice.

Inspired by: Edward Bawden

Edward Bawden (1903-89) was a master printmaker, illustrator, watercolourist and designer. While known for his commercial work for companies such as Twinings and Fortnum & Mason, and his linocuts depicting everyday England, Bawden was a hugely versatile artist who pushed the boundaries between fine and commercial art. Arranged thematically, the exhibition explores the evolution in his style across recurring motifs such as leisure, nature and architecture, largely consisting of prints and watercolours.

Workshop: KS1 – 2*

Artist-led studio session / 1hr 30/45 mins 

Combining the themes of illustration and storytelling, children will draw from one of Bawden’s inspirations - medieval manuscripts and bestiaries - to create a collaborative class work. Pupils will create their own hybrid animal, considering the personality and moral characteristics of their fantastical creature and how this can be reflected in their illustration. The group’s illustrations will bind together to make a class book which can be used as inspiration for stories written back at school. Art skills involved will include printing or ink drawing.

Curriculum links: Art & Design / English

*This workshop can be adapted in terms of skill and challenge for KS3 – 5. The workshop will focus on Bawden’s book art and challenge the students to develop their printmaking skills, using the reduction linocut technique. Students will work in small groups, taking inspiration from a story of their choice and create a series of images to reinterpret the narrative. The students will 'edition' their print, creating a limited number of multiples which will be bound into a concertina book so that each member of the group has a copy.

Or choose a storytelling session inspired by our Permanent Collection:

Reception - KS2

We offer imaginative and interactive gallery storytelling inspired by the permanent collection for reception – key stage 2. Chose from the following collection themes: Love, Conflict, Nature, Identity. The session supports communication skills and vocabulary development.

Curriculum links: Art & Design / Literacy / PSHE

Dates: Available Tuesday to Friday. Please let us know your focus at the point of booking.

All visits, sessions and workshops for schools are free. Please book four weeks before your intended visit. All of the sessions can be adapted for SEN groups. Please contact us for more information about how we can meet your group’s needs.

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