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Primary Schools

We welcome Primary School groups to the Gallery to creatively and critically engage with our Collection and temporary exhibitions through artist-led practical workshops, discursive enquiry sessions, storytelling and tours, each linking to subjects on the national curriculum.

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Collection Connections
    Studio Workshops (Reception-KS2)
    Gallery Enquiry (KS2)
    Guided Gallery Tours (Reception-KS2)
    Gallery Storytelling (Early Years - KS2)
Exhibition Explorers (KS1-KS2)
   Sohlberg Themed Studio Workshop (KS1-KS2)
   Sohlberg Exhibition Enquiry Session (KS1-KS2)
Access and How to book

Collection Connections

The Gallery owns one of the finest collections of Old Master paintings in the world. School visits to our Collection give pupils the chance to see works ranging from Tudor times to the 19th century, by artists including Rembrandt, Gainsborough and Poussin.

Through our Collection students can explore the themes of Love, Identity, Nature and Conflict, and each of the following workshops will be based around your choice of one of these four themes.

Studio Workshops: Reception - KS2

10-11.45am or 12.45-2.30pm

These artist-led workshops open with looking at a small, themed selection of paintings in the Gallery to initiate enquiry-based dialogue and conversation. Using the paintings, the artist will set the theme for the workshop in context, encouraging mindful looking and questioning from the group. Back in the studio students will be supported to experiment with a variety of materials, processes and skills while continuing to consider the workshop theme.
Choose theme: Love / Identity / Nature / Conflict
Curriculum links: Art and Design / Literacy / English
Available: Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10 September 2018 (available to book now)
£105 per session (for up to 30 students)

Gallery Enquiry: KS2

10.30am-12pm or 1-2.30pm

Gallery-based discussion sessions inspired by the Collection. Supported by expert artist educators, the session will develop students’ looking and thinking skills using open-ended questioning and dialogue. Students will come away with new vocabulary and increased confidence in articulating their ideas and opinions.
Choose theme: Love / Identity / Nature / Conflict
Curriculum links: Art and Design / Literacy / English
Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10 September 2018 (available to book now)
£90 per session (for up to 30 students)

Guided Gallery Tours: Reception - KS2

10.30am-12pm or 1-2.30pm

Themed tours of our Collection with a member of our Schools Programme.
Choose focus: Portraits / Landscapes / Still-life / Narrative / General highlights tour covering a selection of our paintings
Curriculum links: Art and Design / Literacy / English
Available: Tuesdays-Fridays,  from 10 September 2018 (available to book now)
Free, with the booking of any Workshop, Enquiry or Storytelling session (for up to 30 students)

Gallery Storytelling: Early Years - KS2

10.30-11.30am or 1-2pm

Ignite young imaginations with our gallery-based interactive storytelling sessions inspired by our Collection, with sensory resources.
Choose theme: Love / Identity / Nature / Conflict
Curriculum links: Art and Design / Literacy
Available: Tuesdays-Fridays
£80 per session (for up to 30 students)

Exhibition Explorers

Sohlberg Sessions

Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway will showcase the landscapes of the Norwegian symbolist artist, Harald Sohlberg (1869–1935), arguably one of the greatest masters of landscape painting in the history of Norwegian art. Sohlberg’s paintings depict the Nordic landscape, the soft beauty of the flower fields and the harsh cold of the winter, influenced heavily by the mythologies of the Norwegian land. This exhibition will also feature a new installation by Mariele Neudecker, made in response to Sohlberg’s work. The schools sessions themed around this exhibition will explore themes of colour, place and materials in Sohlberg’s paintings.

Sohlberg Studio Workshop: KS1 - KS2

10-11.45am or 12.45-2.30pm

Students will be invited to examine, discuss and understand the work of Sohlberg and its themes through exploration of his use of figures, colour, locality and variation. They will have the opportunity to respond practically to the exhibition using a range of techniques and materials, supported by our artist educators.
Curriculum links: Art and Design
Available: Thursdays, from 13 February until 2 June 2019
£105 per session (for up to 30 students)

Sohlberg Enquiry Session: KS1 - KS2

10.30am-12pm or 1-2.30pm

Immersed in the exhibition, students will be supported to examine, discuss and understand the work of Sohlberg and its themes through sensitively-led dialogue. Students will be invited to discuss Sohlberg’s practice in depth and respond to his sense of place, in time, geographically and culturally.
Curriculum links: Art and Design / English
Available: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 13 February until 2 June 2019
£90 per session (for up to 30 students)

Images: Harald Sohlberg, Flower Meadow in the North (detail), 1905, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway.


All of the above sessions can be adapted for SEND groups, please contact us for more information about how we can meet your group’s needs.

How to book

Our days and timings can be flexible to suit you, please enquire upon booking. 

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will follow up with booking information. If you have any questions you can get in touch with us at or 0208 299 8730.

If your school is not able to meet the cost of a visit we can offer a bursary to assist with all or some of the costs. Please contact us on the email or telephone number above to find out more.

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