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Dance and Draw

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“I think of my pictures as explosive landscapes, worlds and distances held on a flat surface.” 

Helen Frankenthaler  

Join us, and watch dancers engage with the inspiring works of Helen Frankenthaler and Claude Monet, then move to our studio to take part in a masterclass on capturing movement on paper. Using a mixture of dynamic and longer static poses you will be guided through an engaging and informal drawing class by the captivating Spirited Bodies. 

This is a unique opportunity to experience and enjoy live performance – something that has been sorely missed this past year. Showcasing colour, movement, and creativity, you will encounter the explosive translation of movement onto paper.  

“Colour is my daylong obsession, joy and torment.”

Claude Monet

No previous experience required; this class is open to all. All materials will be supplied but please feel free to bring any extras you would like to draw with (no liquids). 

Spirited Bodies 

Esther Bunting is a performance artist and creative facilitator, working with the moving body in relation to landscape, exploring embodiment. She founded Spirited Bodies in 2010 to offer a platform for people to achieve greater bodily acceptance and connection through the practice of life modelling, and to encourage a model-centred approach in life art. The showcasing of diverse and otherwise overlooked bodies is central to the project, often providing a space for the voices and stories of models as well. 

Keeping everyone safe 

We have a number of recommendations on the Visit Us section of our site to keep our visitors COVID safe. Particularly relevant to this event is that we are asking people continue to wear face masks to keep our staff and visitors safe.