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Ikebana Flower Arranging

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Learn the classical Japanese art of Ikebana arrangement.

In this relaxed workshop Ikebana master, Hanako will show you how to make your own simple Ikebana arrangement based on the theory of Ikebana; a unique floral art that celebrates the beauty of each individual stem. 

The art of Ikebana incorporates seasonal materials, both flowers and foliage. The use of space is also deliberate to enhance the beauty of the arrangement.

Hanako believes that there are some similarities between Ikebana and the concepts in the coinciding exhibition Yoshida: Three Generations of Japanese Printmaking. “When you look at [the artists’] work, I wonder if you feel the pleasant wind blowing onto your cheeks, the warmth or coolness or hearing the rustle of trees, voices close by or in the distance... or birds cheeping.”  

Enjoy getting closer to nature and take the restful energy of this traditional Japanese craft home with you along with your beautiful arrangement.  

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