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Art Sundays

Sunday is art day! Come along to the Gallery every Sunday for a drop-in family art-making workshop. Each week there will be a different theme for you to explore and something for you to take away as a momento. 

Suggested age: 4-12yrs

Please be advised that these are family workshops, and designed for everyone to enjoy! Children should always be accompanied by at least one adult for the entirety of the session.

Art Sundays is now free of charge thanks to the generous support of Rosemead Preparatory School and Nursery, Dulwich

Summer season: Sunday 2 June – Sunday 29 September

7 July - Deco Decoupage Decorations

Come along to a workshop where you can play around with colour and put your paper cutting abilities to the test. Create lovely decoupage decorations inspired by the world of printmaking.

14 July – Geometric Me

How did the Grosvenor School create iconic geometric shapes? Find out for yourself by designing colourful self-portraits inspired by the British printmakers.

21 July – Movement Mobiles

Make your art flow and change by creating spiralling mobiles. Nahoko Kojima’s wonderful paper sculpture will be the inspiration for this workshop.

28 July – Continuous Line Characters

Here you get to decide the lines and shapes of the face. Play with string and doodle with pencil to imagine your very own character inspired by printmaking. 

11 August – Fan Art

Play around with colour and line to create an eye-catching piece of fan art to take home.

18 August – Sun Catchers

Make the most of summer by crafting a colourful sun-catcher, inspired by The Colour Palace.

25 August – Masking Tape Paintings

Be inspired by the geometric shapes of The Colour Palace to design and paint a unique artwork.

1 September – Stamp Making

Experiment with shapes and put your technical skills to the to test design a pattern for a stamp. Use the stamp to print your designs in colourful inks.

8 September – Collage Mobiles

What patterns, shapes and colours can you seen in the Pavilion? Use these as inspiration for your collage mobile.

15 September – Clay Towers

Take inspiration from our paintings to design and build your own tower out of clay.

22 September – Flower Wreaths

Be inspired by our beautiful flower paintings and garden to create a colourful flower wreath.

29 September – Pop-Up Seascapes

Using seascapes as inspirations, come along to craft a pop-up scene using cardboard and clay.

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Next on
20 October 2019
Every 1 weeks
End date
16 February 2020
2–4pm every Sunday
Free; drop-in