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Take a trip through the shades and hues of this intriguing subject as we explore one of society’s greatest fascinations.

Spinning the Colour Wheel (talks at 6:45, 7:45 & 8:45)
Dr Alexandra Loske is an art historian at the University of Sussex, Curator at the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums, editor of the book Languages of Colour and author of Palette (forthcoming). Join her for three colour talks and speak to her at her table in the Gallery to learn more about the history of colour and hear some surprising stories behind the pigments in our paintings.

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Colour Palette Notebook Making with Erskine Rose (drop-in 6-10)
Contemporary homeware, fragrance and stationery brand Erskine Rose have unlocked the colour palettes of famous masterpieces, with colour chart designs inspired by the paintings in our collection. In this workshop, founder Grace Erskine will be bringing her knowledge of bookbinding and painting together. Pick out the colours in your favourite painting and create your own notebook to take home.

Hearing Colour / Seeing Sounds (talks at 7:15, 8:15 & 9:15)
In this interactive talk on synaesthesia, you'll learn how gunge (yes, the type you see on kids' TV shows) can help us understand the links between touch and vision, how Kandinsky could hear his artworks, and how you can fool wine buffs with food dye. Clare Jonas has a PhD in psychology and is an expert on human perception. By day, she is a science communicator who explains the ins and outs of cancer research! By night, she is also a science communicator, but about psychology! Clare writes That Thinking Feeling, a fortnightly newsletter about the everyday questions that psychology can answer.

Display: Jack Coulter (6-10)
"Jack Coulter’s art will grab you by the throat and demand your attention. It’s vivid, visceral and often inexplicably unsettling." - The Independent
We are delighted to be showing three prints by artist Jack Coulter for the evening. Coulter has synaesthesia, a rare sensory, neurological phenomenon which allows him to 'hear' colour and 'see' sound, in turn having a profound effect on his work. Coulter's earliest memories of his condition date back to childhood, where he recalls the sound of his own heartbeat resonating pulses of colour. He grew up surrounded by abstract art and from an early age became influenced by post-war 1940s abstract expressionism and his aunt Christine, who was an abstract artist. Jack responds to the music he hears on canvas, and has gained a legion of notable musicians and composers in adoration of his work such as, The Rolling Stones and Mumford & Sons.

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Collaged Colour Palettes (drop-in 6-10)
As Picasso said, ‘colours, like features, follow the change of the emotions'. Join Collage Club as they explore the relationship between colour and mood. Swap pencils for scissors and a wealth of beautiful papers and create a mini abstract collage in the colour palette that best represents you – however you’re feeling.

Colour Experiments (drop in 6-10)
Put on your lab coat and take part in a series of experiments which explore the way we perceive colour and the way colour react to one another. Josef Albers, the great teacher on colour asked 'What do we actually see? How well do we see it? How can we translate our discoveries into meaningful work?' Conduct your own tests with a rainbow of colours alongside our young creativity and wellbeing volunteers and artist Nikki Gardham to find out for yourself.

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Food & Drink
Cocktail geniuses Gimlet Bar will be on hand with a selection of drinks inspired by the Gallery or settle into the Gallery Café for a bite to eat.

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