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Contextual Lecture Series: Tomorrow’s World – Intimations of the Future

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After the 2017 bicentenary series that looked back on the Gallery's origins, in this new series accomplished authorities will speculate on how the wider future might look a generation from now across politics, social change, engineering, banking, law and popular culture.

Series curated by Chairman and Convenor, Dr Kenneth Wolfe.

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6 November: Population: The Shape of Things to Come
Professor David Coleman

13 November: Parliament Renewed: The Palace of Westminster in the 21st Century
Dr Julian Flannery

20 November: Genetics and Epigenetics: A Contemporary Perspective on Heredity
Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith

27 November: Longevity: Myths and Possibilities
Professor Sarah Harper

11 December: How to be Philosophical About the Future
Professor A C Grayling