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Contextual Lecture: A Warming Arctic

With Klaus Dodds

This talk considers the cultural, geopolitical and environmental consequences of ongoing ice loss in the Arctic. The Arctic is warming – and while this creates opportunities for some, it generates dislocation and loss for others. Five drivers are going to shape the Arctic we see in the future: globalisation, geopolitics, technology, climate change and northern autonomy.

Professor Klaus Dodds researches in the areas of geopolitics and security, ice studies and the international governance of the Antarctic and the Arctic. He is a member of the UK Arctic Antarctic Partnership and has worked for the UK Parliament as specialist adviser to a House of Lords Select Committe on the Arctic and the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee. He is the Director of Research for the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway.

Part of the Contextual Lecture Series Our Future: Ideas on Tomorrrow's World