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Contextual Lecture Series 2020: Prospects and Prophecies (cancelled)

Can humanity survive AI, populism, climate change and technological advancement? What impact will Brexit have on our future? How do we build a society that has equality, freedom and justice at its heart?

Our 2020 Contextual Lecture Series takes on some of the most gripping questions of today. Join our expert speakers as they explore these issues and delve into the past to examine how important historical decisions have got us here. 

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List of Lectures

Prospects for Humanity - 11 February 
Professor A.C. Grayling

Brexit and the future of the UK - 18 February 
Dr. Simon Usherwood 

Surviving the Century - 10 March
Professor Martin Rees

Engineering the Future - 31 March
Lord Browne

Religion, Identity and Conflict - 21 April
Dr. Gardner Thompson

Thomas Cromwell: Getting him Right - 12 May
Professor Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch

Extinction: Past and Present - 19 May
Professor Paul Wignall

Fundamentalism: The Search for Meaning - 9 June
Dr. Malise Ruthven

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Freedom - 23 June
Martha Spurrier

Wittgenstein on Faith and Reason - 30 June
Professor Duncan Pritchard

Reflections on Biometrics and Personal Identity - 8 September
Professor Michael Fairhurst

A History of Built London - 15 September
Sir Simon Jenkins

The Future of the English Language - 22 September
Professor Simon Horobin

Small change? The Digital Future of Banking - 13 October
Professor John Goddard

Arrows of Learning; Molecules, Music, and Metaphysics - 20 October
Professor James Crabbe

The Ethics of Assisted Dying - 3 November
Baroness Molly Meacher

The Britishness of British Cinema - 10 November
Professor Charles Barr

The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism - 8 December
Martin Wolf