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Author's Talk: Robert Seatter

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Join award-winning poet Robert Seatter to discuss his latest collection 'The House of Everything'.

Robert Seatter is the author of six poetry collections, the most recent of which is 'The House of Everything', an exhilarating exploration of Sir John Soane’s Museum in central London, and the tragic flawed life of the man behind that house and also behind our own Dulwich Picture Gallery.  

At the heart of the book is the question of what houses are for, and how they make material our elusive dreams and imaginings.   

An experienced performer and interpreter of spaces, as well as an award-winning poet, broadcaster and history author, Robert has created a unique reading which weaves poem and place in the objects, rooms and staircases of Soane’s houses. 

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Praise for 'The House of Everything': 
This book builds itself into a series of collages, images intricately overlaid to illuminate one another. The poems move lightly, not just from room to room, but between the chambers of the heart, through shadowed spaces to jewelled windows to doors that might let in the rivers of the world. - Imtiaz Dharker 

Watch Robert read poems at Sir John Soane's Museum below: