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Walk the Plank: The Fire Garden

THE EVENT TONIGHT IS HAPPENING AS PLANNED DESPITE THE WIND. Sadly La Tartiflette and The Marshmallowist have had to pack up as it was too blustery, but The Cabin and Gallery Cafe are still serving hot food and drinks. Come in to the warmth after seeing the pyrotechnical display, and view the Permanent Collection or upgrade to see Astrup, if your ticket does not include the exhibition already 

Inspired by our Nikolai Astrup exhibition, fire sculpture specialists, Walk the Plank will transform the Gallery grounds after dusk into a live fire garden evoking the light and warmth of the blazing Midsummer bonfires in Astrup’s paintings. From flaming lotus flowers to firebreathing hollies and swaying giant bulrushes, the gardens will become a world of light and fire. Winter refreshments will be available from the Gallery café and other vendors, including Herne Hill's famed "La Tartiflette" street food and The Marshmallowist.

Event details

Start date
5 February 2016
End date
6 February 2016
Friday 5 February / Saturday 6 February 6.30pm – 9.30pm
£8 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family ticket (two adults and two children)