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The Last Communion of Saint Francis

DPG255 derives from a composition by Camillo Procaccini (c.1555-1629) recorded in an engraving by Anton Wierix. The engraving may reflect one of the fresco scenes of the life of Saint Francis painted by Procaccini and others in the second cloister of St Angelo, Milan (now destroyed). A related drawing, probably by Procaccini, is at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Another painting deriving from the same prototype is in the Accademia Albertina, Turin, and is attributed to Denys Calvaert. DPG255 was catalogued as by Agostino Carracci in 1880, but this attribution was recently rejected (Art Historian Stephen Pepper suggested an attribution to Filippo Bellini).

Not currently on display

Ascribed to Agostino Carracci
Late 16th Century
67 x 55.9 cm
Oil on canvas
Bourgeois Bequest, 1811
Accession number