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As the world’s first purpose built art gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery was also designed with three acres of gardens. Populated with many interesting trees including Fulham, Red and English oaks as well as a Mulberry tree, the gardens are open all year round for you to enjoy. 

Get up close to art

As you explore, you'll find a circle of tree stumps, Bronze Oak Grove. This new addition to the gardens by Rob and Nick Carter reinterprets a drawing made in 1600 by Jacob de Ghen II. Incredibly realistic, spend time to touch and look more closely. 

See Peter Randall Page's sculpture Walking the Dog. Take a moment and inspect the intricate design, the meander motif, common in Greek and Roman architecture and that can be seen on the frieze of Sir John Soane's Gallery building.

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Take a closer look at the architecture

Enjoy Sir John Soane's architectural feat, as you wander the gardens. Notice the pioneering roof-lanterns on the top of the building, that let natural light into the gallery, ideal for viewing paintings. 

In the gardens, you'll also find our very own red telephone box. This London icon, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, was directly influenced by Soane's design for the Mausoleum's domed roof. 

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Catch up over coffee

Head to the Flotsam & Jetsam café for a fantastic dining experience using locally sourced and seasonal produce, or enjoy a takeaway coffee while taking in the gardens.

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The gardens are also available for private hire.