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Adopt a Painting

Adopt a Painting

Adoptions are a special way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a birthday, the memory of a loved one or simply because you have a connection with a particular picture. 

At the same time, you will be giving vital support to the world’s first purpose built public art Gallery.  

In return for your kind gift, you will receive:

  • A thank you letter from your painting 
  • A little biography about your painting
  • A yearly Gallery e-update from your painting 
  • A Christmas card from your painting 
  • An invite to a special events/opening receptions. 
  • Dedication on the painting’s label
  • Dedication listed with the painting on our online Collection  
  • One private talk with curator for adoptions of £10,000+  
  • Opportunity for out of hours visits - for adoptions of £15,000+ (dependent on Gallery activities)

Adoption gifts range from £2,000 to £25,000+ 

Click here to see your adoption candidates

To adopt a painting or ask any questions please contact at or call us on 020 8299 8729. Please note that adoptions up to £5,000 will last for 5 years and adoptions of £10,000+ will last for 10 years. Should the painting not be on display at any time, its dedication will remain on the website. Adoption is non-exclusive and does not override previous supporter credits, nor does it preclude future support for a painting.