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Performing in Landscapes: Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop: KS2 - KS5

10th, 21st, 30th May

Performing in Landscapes is a photography based workshop led by artist Harold Offeh.  Young people are invited to create a landscape based on somewhere they would like to go or somewhere they have been. The session will invite them to respond creatively to questions like: what is a landscape? What are your experiences of being in different landscapes? How do you see yourself in those landscapes? What would you be doing in your chosen landscape?

Working together in small groups students will create large scale drawings and collages based on collective landscape, consider poses, and use a greenscreen to photograph themselves in front of their created landscapes.

Harold Offeh is an artist working in a range of media including performance, video and photography.  His work Body, Landscape and Memory can be seen now in Soulscapes.    

£105 per session (for up to 30 students)