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Risograph Printed Zine Making

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Come along to this Riso Printed Zine workshop to create, chat, and learn with like-minded creatives. You will learn the basics of zine making and risograph printing and work together to create your own zines themed around what inspires you.

Delivered by the amazing team at  PageMasters, this informal group event will leave you walking away with a unique, collaboratively designed, riso-printed  mini zine.

Share tips on how to overcome the common barriers to creativity and collaboratively design a zine that outlines practical ways to help you get inspired. Gain the tools and mindset to break patterns, generate new ideas, and take creative leaps.

Through zine making you will learn skills to make your own self-published non-profit publications with a history rooted in DIY cultures and methods of production, used as an alternative to mainstream publishing. You will also learn the basics of risograph printing through this hands-on workshop, layering prints to create unique images. You’ll create content for your zines through considering what sparks creativity and innovation, sharing ideas and insights collaboratively on what ignites creative thinking. You’ll come away with a vibrant zine, made with eco-friendly riso inks, which you can use to inspire you creatively.

No artistic experience is required – just an interest and excitement for the arts.

All materials included.

PageMasters is a sustainable, affordable, experimental print studio founded by Justin Bailey and Jordan Taylor in 2017. Based in New Cross, South London they specialise in Risograph printing for a variety of artists, publishers and designers.

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