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Decorative Tableware with Ayse Habibe Kucuk

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Create your own functional and decorative tableware such as serving plates, breakfast bowls, and cups in this two-day introduction to soft slab building and pinch & coil techniques, led by Ayse Habibe Kucuk, inspired by the Soulscapes exhibition.  

Students will learn how to create print decorations on their ceramics, using fresh flowers, leaves, handmade lace patterns and doilies. Students are encouraged to bring their own print decoration materials such as flowers, indented fabrics and doilies for the second session onwards. A selection will also be provided.   

Ayse Habibe Kucuk is a London-based ceramic artist with roots in Southeast Turkey. Trained as a sculptural ceramist, Habibe Kucuk’s work primarily uses hand-building techniques to create both authentic functional and sculptural pieces. An ongoing theme in their practice is the use of traditional lace-doily patterns (originating from her hometown in Turkey) on minimalist ceramic pieces. Habibe Kucuk’s tableware range reflects her family's connection with handcrafted lace making (dantel), dating back two generations, with every piece handmade in clay.