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Botanical Cyanotype in the Gardens with London Alternative Photography Collective

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Create and print landscape images; ‘landscape’ deriving from the German, landschaft, to mean land that has been shaped; sculpted or formed. In this creative workshop you will experiment with pressed flowers and plants, paper cut-outs and other found objects to shape and form new interpretations of landscapes.  

Drawing inspiration from the varied approaches and ideas explored in our major landscape exhibition Soulscapes, you will select combinations of objects to layer together in a narrative landscape which will then be printed using the cyanotype process. 

Cyanotype is an early photographic technique using low-toxicity iron-based salts. This light sensitive chemistry becomes fixed in a Prussian blue colour by the rays of the sun. Building upon these blue landscape's depictions, we will then make a series of toners using plants from the Gallery Gardens. Toners will be used to layer the blue landscape depictions with tones of green, black, brown and yellows.  

No previous experience is required, just come along and experiment.