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DIY Natural Inks and Dyes

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Join this introductory workshop with artist Nikki Gardham as she guides you through the process of brewing your own natural inks and dyes using regular household and recycled materials.

Create a unique batch of ‘live’ ink that evolves in colour and richness over time. In the spirit of DIY culture, get thrifty and creative with items around your home, using spices, vegetables, and basic kitchen tools. Using your new inks, Nikki will show you how to create botanical designs inspired by our Unearthed: Photography’s Roots exhibition.

You'll come away with a set of inks in primary colours, a series of experimental drawings and a series of recipes for brewing high quality living inks that stay vibrant for years.

All experience levels are welcome, including complete beginners

You will need to source the following materials:

Yellow Ink: 2 tbsp Turmeric, 50ml water
Red Ink: 2 tbsp Paprika, 50ml water
Blue Ink: ½ Red Cabbage (shredded), boiling water to just cover
Green & Purple Ink: Vinegar (any kind) / lemon juice / bicarbonate of soda / bar of soap,
You will also need: spoons, knife, chopping board
For brewing: three small jars with lids, medium saucepan, kettle, colander / sieve, bowl or jug.
For filtering: sieve(s), muslin cloth / coffee filter paper / paper towel sheets
For painting: paper, three basic paintbrushes and a glass of water

This workshop will take place on Zoom. Ticket-holders will be emailed a link to participate in advance.