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Dulwich Pavilion 2019: The Shortlist


Display open: 5 June - 22 July
Voting period: 5 - 30 June

Models and visualisations of the proposed designs by young and emerging architects will be on display in the Gallery’s glass walkway throughout this year’s London Festival of Architecture, and you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite (until 30 June). The community vote will be combined with the judging panel’s votes to select the winning design. Architects will be tasked with exploring how the 2019 Pavilion might act as a welcome space to set the tone for visitors arriving at the Gallery.

You can help support the 2019 Dulwich Pavilion by making a donation:

The six shortlisted practices are:

1. Casswell Bank Architects

Casswell Bank Architects was founded in 2015 by Alex Bank and Sam Casswell. The practice’s emphasis on identifying and understanding architectural character is demonstrated in a portfolio of projects for different uses at a range of scales, including commissions from cultural organisations and reconfigurations of historic institutions.

2. e10 Studio

e10 is a London based design studio formed around a network of collaborators, including researchers, designers and makers.

By drawing upon the diverse disciplines of its team they develop a nimble response to projects with conceptual clarity and care for craft. Central to all work by the studio is the commitment to enrich the built environment whether it be through architectural design, research, curation or construction.

3. Flea Folly Architects

FleaFollyArchitects was founded in 2013, by architects and ‘spatial story-tellers’ Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier. Striving to create enjoyable architecture at even the smallest of scales, the practice combines a strong sense of narrative and detailed model-making skills to create projects that blend architecture, contemporary art and installation.

4. Pricegore with Yinka Ilori

With offices in London and Bath, Pricegore was founded by architects Dingle Price and Alex Gore in 2013. With work across the UK and in Europe, the practice’s portfolio includes residential, arts, and civic sector projects, at all scales from furniture to urban strategy.

Working in collaboration with the studio, London-based designer Yinka Ilori specialises in the imaginative upcycling of vintage furniture. Inspired by the African influences of his childhood, Yinka’s pieces span the divisions between art and design while sparking a conversation about social norms and consumer culture.

5. Projects Office

Projects Office is an architecture and design studio based in Whitechapel. Founded in 2014 by Megan Charnley, Bethan Kay and James Christian, the multi-disciplinary practice’s ethos is fantastic pragmatism: applying a narrative and collaborative approach to create imaginative, effective spaces across a broad range of sectors.

6. PUP Architects

Founded in 2014, PUP Architects is run by architecture and design trio Theo Molloy, Chloë Leen and Steve Wilkinson. The studio‘s dynamic portfolio showcases several one-off structures and experimental projects, which continue to inform the team’s innovative approach to materials within their larger architectural commissions.

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