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"Mr Shadow" Hand Shadow Show

Have you seen Mr. Shadow? He has a nose and a chin, and two arms and eight legs, and a long neck and feathers and a trunk and a tail…it’s all true, because Mr. Shadow is special: he’s a shadow, so he can change into just about anything!

In this light-hearted show for the whole family, Drew Colby will introduce you to his good friend Mr. Shadow and he will show you all the things Mr. Shadow can turn in to. Beautiful creatures and funny little tales unfold, as you discover that Mr. Shadow is everybody’s friend. The show explores many vintage hand shadow routines, created by such masters of the art as Prasanna Rao, Edward Victor and Albert Almoznino, and follows the child-like logic of play. Included in the show are Drew's very popular cat and dog routine, the rabbit being chased by a wolf, a contemplative underwater world populated by fish, an octopus and even an orca whale, and the lovely mother kangaroo and her Joey - all performed with a light, a shadow, a voice, a little bit of magic and a lot of laughter.

Completely live, completely non-digital (excluding the digits making the shadows, of course)! 

Keeping everyone safe 

We have a number of recommendations on the Visit Us section of our site to keep our visitors COVID safe. Particularly relevant to this event is that we are asking people continue to wear face masks to keep our staff and visitors safe.