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Family Festival: Joyful Landscapes

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Explore landscape art and enjoy the outdoors as a family!

Get inspired by the joyful and transformative landscapes in our Soulscapes exhibition. Kids go FREE. 

You’ll explore landscape art and wellbeing and discover how we might better connect with our planet. Have fun playing with colour and responding to nature with workshops, trails and activities promoting sustainability and fun. There will also be food and drink available from our café Flotsam & Jetsam, including savory snacks to takeaway. 

What's on during the day?

In the Linbury Room

HoLD design - Textures of Nature (Quieter Space) 
Linbury Room 
11am - 4pm 

Explore colour and textures of Nature in this quieter space with a relaxed approach to noise and movement, you are free to enter and exit as needed. A chill-out space and noise-cancelling headphones are also available for both adults and children.

Your comfort is our priority. Please contact with any queries or support. 

Quiet Space Relaxed Morning
10 - 11am

The space will be available for a relaxed hour. This relaxed session is suitable for families who would like to visit the festival at a quieter time. To book a space please email   

In the Gardens  

Earth Tenders
11 - 11.45am, 12.15 - 1pm, 2 - 2.45pm, 3.10 – 4pm (drop in) 

Earth Tenders will be holding space for communal seed sowing and seed exchange workshops, both running at the times above:

Workshop 1: Sow Spring Craft your own seed packs filled with seeds that nourish our pollinator friends, with messages to welcome the emergence of spring. 

Workshop 2: Grow Your Own Microgreens - Join Earth Tenders to grow your own indoor, nutrient-dense microgreens and sprouts and learn the joys of this accessible cultivation practice. 

In the Art Studio

Escape in Landscape
Art Studio 

11.30 – 12.15pm, 12.45 – 1.30pm, 2.15 – 3pm, 3.30 – 4pm (drop in)   

How do we appear in the landscape? Soulscapes artist Harold Offeh invites you to play with props and pose in the landscape. We’ll explore the landscape artworks on display in the exhibition and collection and look at the ways we move and appear in the landscape around us. 

In the Gallery

Wear your emotions  
Gallery 4 (drop in) 
11am – 4pm 

Design and create badges! There will be natural fabrics and materials to experiment with colours and shapes inspired by nature and landscapes.  

Textured colour Gallery 12 (drop in) 
Gallery 12
11am – 2pm, 3 – 4pm 

Delve deep into the work of Hurvin Anderson, Che Lovelace and Christina Kimeze. You will play with shapes, texture, foliage, and mixed media to create your own unique landscapes inspired by the techniques and colours of these artists.  

Theatre of Landscape  
Gallery 1 (drop in) 
11am – 4pm 

Inspiring the next generation through the art of puppeteering and landscape. This workshop is geared to and inclusive of all capacities and levels. 

Baby Green (6mths – 3yrs)
Gallery 10 (drop in)
11am – 4pm

Got a little one with you? Come and explore the colour red in this quiet, sensory space. Explore different objects, look at our paintings, and relax.