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Petras Geniušas

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Pianist Petras Geniušas is one of the most prominent, versatile and adventurous Lithuanian performers. Watch him perform a masterful programme in our Gallery enfilade.

Having mastered an extensive repertoire of classical, romantic and contemporary works, he frequently appears in recitals and concerts with Lithuanian symphony orchestras, and various chamber ensembles and musicians. He has shared a stage with musical giants like Rostropovich, Menuchin, Kniazev, Geringas, Chekassin among others. But apart from his appearances as a classical musician, Petras Geniušas can also often be seen performing on drama stage and in musical performances, as well as in jazz and crossover projects. His musical interests range far beyond his background as a classical concert pianist – from English virginalists and ethnic music from different parts of the world to avant-garde, jazz and electronic dance beats. This also affects the way he interprets classical music, which makes this piano virtuoso so special. 


Petras Geniušas  - Intro for Liszt Sonata

Franz Liszt – Piano Sonata in B minor  (Lento Assai – Allegro energico/ Grandioso – Recitativo/ Andante Sostenuto/ Allegro energico – Andante sostenuto – Lento assai)

Petras Geniušas – Improvisations after Čiurlionis

Petras Geniušas – Postludium for Liszt