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Lie down and Listen (Evening session)

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This January, Dulwich Picture Gallery welcomes you to a very special evening Lie Down & Listen sessions accompanied by masters of classical music and ancient sound healing as you relax lie down amongst old the great master paintings of art in the heart in the gallery. 

You’ll be guided through a blissfully relaxing Tibetan bowl sound healing with Pianist & Lie down & Listen founder Christina McMaster and a live classical lying down classical concert experience of harp music by Erik Satie, Einaudi, Arvo Pärt etc. performed by Olivia Jageurs.  

Allow yourself to be transported into a dreamy state as you lie down on soft mattresses, cushions and snuggled up in warm blankets whilst absorbing the pure and cleansing vibrations of Tibetan bowls and harp sounds music as they open your senses, boost your sense of well-being and strengthen your connection. 

“I slept better that night than I have in 20 years” Barbara, Cotswolds 

Two sessions are available for this event - one starting at 6.30pm and a later session beginning at 8.30pm. Prefer to relax in the morning? Join the Lie Down and Listen session at 8.30am on 20 January.