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Lie down and Listen (Morning session)

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Did you know that frowning uses 62 facial muscles, yet smiling only uses 23! 

In this gentle, morning Lie Down & Listen experience, wellness and skin expert Ksenija Selivanova will guide you through self-massage using high quality facial oils (provided). You’ll then lie down on soft mattresses to rest as Christina guides you through a full body relaxation surrounded by old master paintings in the Gallery. 

Accompanied by Tibetan bowl sound healing and live classical harp including music by Philip Glass and Debussy.  

You’ll leave refreshed and restored.

Prefer to relax in the evening? Join the Lie Down and Listen sessions at 6.30 and 8.30pm on 19 January. 

“Swathed in blankets, I lie back and she plays...the sound is mesmerising; the session vanishes. ...I’m certainly moved and utterly blissed out.” 

Financial Times HTSI