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2012 Display: Clive Head

10 October 2012 - 13 January 2013

A contemporary installation, Terminus Place, by painter Clive Head, known for his striking paintings of urban landscapes. The work forms part of his project From Victoria to Arcadia at Dulwich Picture Gallery and Marlborough Fine Art.

Painted in response to Nicolas Poussin’s The Triumph of David, Clive Head’s work Terminus Place will sit temporarily alongside the Gallery’s collection of works by Poussin. This provides a timely opportunity to reconsider the place of the artist today and a look back to Old Master techniques.

Poussin's painting depicts the Biblical episode of David bringing the head of Goliath into Jerusalem, having slain him, where he is triumphantly received (1 Samuel 17:54). Head's Terminus Place features Victoria Underground Station in all its bustling chaos. Yet the forms and shapes of the paintings seem to mirror each other.