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Participation Projects

  • Reframing the Muse

    Reframing the Muse
  • Together Through Art

    Together Through Art

Together through Art

The Together through Art programme supports adults with lived experience of mental health and aims to reduce the stigma which surrounds mental health. We work collaboratively with our community and health networks including the South London and Maudesly (SLaM) Mental Health Trust to signpost those individuals most at risk of isolation to creative programmes at the Gallery. 

Programmes provide an opportunity for adults to meet new people and try out a range of artistic activities in a social setting, providing access to a positive environment which supports an increase in social connections, enhanced sense of purpose and self-esteem with elevated life satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing. 

Our Together through Art workshops are co-designed and co-delivered by an artist and a peer facilitator who has lived experience of coping with mental health following a co-production model. We currently work in partnership with the SLaM Recovery College to run training workshops which focus on creativity and wellbeing.  

Together through Art is generously supported by 

Young Volunteers: Creativity & Wellbeing Project

Earlier this year, we worked with young volunteers aged between 18-25 to collaboratively create a series of short films focusing on and promoting creativity and wellbeing in a Gallery setting. Taking inspiration from our Collection, the group explored how the five ways of wellbeing could be applied to our paintings and to the Gallery space. Watch their results 

Reframing the Muse

This intergenerational project invited women from different generations and backgrounds to come together at Dulwich Picture Gallery to respond to female representation in the Gallery Collection. Only one of the paintings which hangs on display in the Collection at Dulwich Picture Gallery is painted by a women, however as you explore the collection many female faces look back at you.

Working with newly arrived migrant, refugee and asylum seeking teenage girls from the Baytree Centre in Brixton, and socially isolated, older women in the Southwark area, the group explored the collection, discussed ideas of the portrayal of women and age and were given the chance to make a statement of their own. Their statement resulted in a photography exhibition which explored their identity and questioned how they wanted to be seen and what they wanted to show about themselves. The exhibition focused on three questions, What does a women look like? How does our background effect how we want to be seen? And What roles do women play? The photographs went on display at Dulwich Picture Gallery and at the Baytree Centre. You can find the digital display here

For further details about our innovative and inclusive programmes please contact our Community Engagement Manager Kelly Robinson

Details of past participation projects can be found here.