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Young Volunteers

Volunteer Interpretation Programme

Our Volunteer Interpretation Programme (VIP for short!) is an opportunity for local young people aged 14-21 to get involved in the interpretation of the Gallery as part of our Unlocking Paintings Project, creating, investigating and developing new ways to share and explore the stories behind our incredible collection.

As a young interpretation volunteer young people gain experience in how we interpret our Collection whilst at the same time helping us tell new stories that resonate with them. They work with the Gallery to test and create different methods of interpretation, and recent projects have included delivering pop up tours for visitors, creating audio guide content and testing family resources.

You can join the programme at two points in the year, April and September, when we run activities and open days where you can meet our current volunteers and find out more about the project. 

Past Projects

Working with artist Nikki Gardham in 2022/2023 our VIPs created and produced a digital animation called Change in response to the exhibition M.K. Ciurlionis: Between Worlds.  You can watch their film below. 

In 2024 the VIPs worked with poet and author Theresa Lola to create and perform a spoken word performance in response to the exhibition Soulscapes as well as the landscape paintings in our Collection.  Watch the film below to hear one of their poems, voiced by Theresa Lola, and to see their words made visual by our youth facilitator Sarah.


To find out more or to sign up to the programme you can contact Myles via Dulwich Creatives

Keep in touch:

Twitter: @DulwichCreative

Instagram: @DulwichCreative

Youth Volunteer Interpretation Programme is supported by the 29th May 1961 Charity.