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Contextual Lecture Series 2017: Continental Culture: The Road to Europe

Throughout this series we examine facets of European development, social and political unrest and the remapping of a continent. Over the past 200 years Europe has been fraught with war, disease and struggle but from the darkness came cultural progression and political innovation that have changed art, politics and the world.  

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List of Lectures

Britain and the EU - 12 Sept
Dr Simon Usherwood

George Peabody: an American philanthropist responds to poverty in Victorian London - 26 Sept
Stephen Howlett

Dulwich Picture Gallery in Context - 10 Oct
Dr Jan Piggott

The Eclipse of Aristocracy - 17 Oct
Professor William Doyle

When Europe Shrivelled: the 5th Century31 Oct
John MacAuslan

The History of Anger in Europe - 14 Nov
Professor Thomas Dixon

Science Since 1817: Attitudes and Achievements - 21 Nov
Peter Atkins

Who do the English Think They are? - 28 Nov
Derek Taylor

The European Idea: History, Culture and Place - 12 Dec
Professor A.C. Grayling