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Friends Advisory Panel

At the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery AGM on 9 December 2020, the Membership of the Friends voted in favour of the merger (effective 1 April 2021) of the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery (Charity: 803727) with Dulwich Picture Gallery (Charity: 1171287). The Friends Advisory Panel is a new group set up in place of the Friends Committee. 

The Friends Advisory Panel is a small group of Friends members set up to support and strengthen Dulwich Picture Gallery as a critical friend by providing a forum for discussion and debate. The Advisory Group does not hold executive powers. It is guided by core values of integrity, independence and impartiality, innovation, insight and inclusivity. The next panel will be appointed in Spring 2024. 

Key Responsibilities

1. Critical friend – provide insights, ideas and feedback on current exhibitions, events, facilities and appeals. Encourage support and provide constructive challenges.

2. New ideas – promote outreach and engagement with and broaden understanding between the Gallery and the Friends to increase participation in and support for Gallery activities.

3. Advocacy – to be an ambassador and advocate for the Gallery, raising the Gallery’s profile and supporting/amplifying fundraising campaigns.


Communication between the Friends Advisory Panel and the Gallery will be managed by the Gallery's Head of Development, who will convene at least three meetings per year, preparing relevant papers in liaison with the Chair and minuting the meetings. Feedback from these meetings will be fed into the Gallery's planning.


Twelve members including Chair/Convenor, who are Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery, reflecting experience across a broad range of interests within the Friends’ membership and a diversity of backgrounds to deliver an inclusive approach. Membership will be renewable every two years and will be via applications to the Gallery. The Chair/Convenor role will typically serve for two years and be selected by the Friends Advisory Panel members.

Resource and commitment

Each panel member will commit to four days of support per year for meetings and additional work (by agreement) in between meetings. Panel members will receive expenses and benefits in line with the Gallery's volunteer policy.

Selection Criteria:

• An understanding and enthusiasm for the work and mission of the Gallery.
• A commitment to the Gallery's Diversity and Inclusion aims
• An appreciation for the visual arts in general.
• Previous experience in volunteering for similar organisations is desirable but not essential

For further details contact / call 020 8299 8751

To sit on the Friends Advisory Panel, you will need to be an existing member of the Dulwich Picture Gallery Friends. You can join or renew your membership here.